May 30, 2014

i can hear you. "why pineapples?" it's one of two things. one - i wanted to artistically show a metaphor about how the sweetest things in life come in unassuming and harsh packages, or two - i saw pretty pineapples and something in my brain said "hey, those would be perfect for friday!". 

i think we all know which one is true! :)

happy friday kids.

xo eliza

(image via my buckett)

Design Daydreams // Ships

May 29, 2014

aren't ships beautiful? honestly i've never been a huge fan of the water but...look at them. 

i think my sailor side is coming out.

xo eliza

(all images via tumblr)

And The Livin' is Easy

May 28, 2014

bees will buzz - kids will blow dandelion fuzz...(please tell me i'm not the only one who got that!) 

summertime is one of the best times of year. everything seems to slow down a bit, and the weather alone is enough to get people outside and moving. (unless, of course, it's too hot. then we're all sitting in front of the air conditioners and fans!)

i don't know about you, but i could easily live in the bahamas. then again, my hair could never take the humidity. (eek!)

xo eliza

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May 27, 2014

i hope you all had a marvelous holiday weekend. i was able to sleep in for the first time in a while - and it was great, let me tell you. even though it may not be fun to get back to the hustle and bustle today, we can still make this week a great one.

what are some ways you're making each day count?

xo eliza

(image via tumblr)

Little Misses

May 23, 2014

every little girl needs her own space to be able to express her creativity. it also helps to teach responsibility - if she knows where her toys go it's very easy to train her to be neat. with fun storage bins it not only controls clutter but looks great while doing it.

i tell you what - kids rooms are the best. 

have a great weekend! 

xo eliza

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Artful Style // 03

May 22, 2014

i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! alright, i'll stop now. i love the colorblock of the dress - superb! more orchid, too - are you noticing the pattern?

xo eliza

(art by joel penkman)

{1. modcloth dress, 2. charming charlie necklace, 3. sole society shoes, 4. baublebar bracelet}

Five Loves

May 21, 2014

how cute is that dino cartoon? it's the 5-year-old deep inside me, i'm telling you. and more of the royals, obviously. also, please take note of the little wooden wedding cake toppers. two words: ah-dorbs. 

happy hump day!

xo eliza

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Glitter Mousepad

May 20, 2014

i recently found this diy on the everygirl and had to share. now it is possible to get even more glitter into your everyday life. who knew? click on through for instructions.

xo eliza

(image and inspiration via the everygirl

Style Icons // 04

May 19, 2014

i wanted to do a more modern style icon today - even if her style is as classic and tasteful as they come. princess kate (technically, she's a duchess - but princess sounds so much better!) has the most beautiful taste in fashion today. i love her coats and fascinators. very ladylike yet still chic.

her hair is amazing. love!

xo eliza

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All That You Do

May 16, 2014

if we really put our 100% into the things we do, imagine how perfect everything would be. i sometimes find myself going through the motions of life. you know how it is - you have a routine and it's really easy to just let your week be one big checklist. i've been trying to experience each moment and put my all into everything i do. honestly, i feel like i've accomplished so much more when i do that.

God certainly put a whole lot of love into us. what if He had just haphazardly thrown us together? "eh - that's okay. i guess the arm doesn't look so bad by the nose..." He lovingly and carefully created each and every one of us. let's try our hardest to put the same devotion and thought into our lives!

what are some ways you can put love into your day-to-day?

xo eliza

(image via society 6)

Color Crush // Teal

May 15, 2014

teal is such a summer color. it just reminds me of jumping into a cool pool on a hot day. (cue the bongos - this is going to be a slam poetry day, i can already tell!)

i'm in one of those moods where i want to completely reorganize my closet or something, or just watch all of the bbc pride and prejudice episodes for the umpteenth time. either one is cool.

xo eliza

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Baby Bear

May 14, 2014

i seem to have fallen into the habit of posting pictures of cute things on wednesdays. i kind of like it. 

have a great day!

xo eliza

(image via target)

Food & Fashion // 05

May 13, 2014

the flowers are officially in bloom - i'm so thrilled! it's good to have warmer temps and sunshine for a change, huh?

i am seriously in need of some yellow slacks now....thanks j. crew!

xo eliza


Beauty Reviews // Bare Minerals All-Over Face Color

May 12, 2014

i'm baaa-ack! i had a great time but i am ready to be back to business. little trips always are good for resetting my work ethic and getting me back on track. 

in other news, i had to do a review of bare minerals all-over face color. i can't emphasize enough: this product is amazing! it's one of my first bare minerals products but i am so excited to try more. this gives great coverage without looking too heavy. even though my handy dandy foundation is such a life saver when i have some unevenness or a breakout, i do love using lighter makeup for the summer months. (less to worry about!)

this is such an awesome product - plus it is ridiculously long-lasting. i don't need to touch up at all. piece of cake!

xo eliza

All There

May 6, 2014

this week is going to be a busy one - with an end-of-the-week trip to get ready for i feel like i'm just one big "to do list". that's okay, though. i honestly love being busy.

i won't be posting until next week. (i won't have my usual setup and scheduling somehow has never worked for me. #techsupport) plus, it will be nice to just really enjoy this little respite before another busy week. 

i'll miss you guys, but i'll have a whole bunch of new stuff starting monday!

see you then!

xo eliza

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Five Loves

May 5, 2014

it's monday again!

since mother's day is coming up i had to give a little shoutout to you moms out there. (hi mom!) thanks for all you do - when you raise your kids well we ALL thank you, because believe me, we can tell when you don't! (ever been to a chucky cheese? you get my drift.)

how cute is that bunny? oh my goodness, he's perfect.

xo eliza

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May Wishlist

May 2, 2014

gosh, can you believe that it is already may? my goodness - how time flies. i have been loving blush and peach tones this season. they are so light and feminine. i do love them with whites and taupes, although in all honesty they are lovely with any color.

what color are you loving for may?

xo eliza

{1. modcloth dress, 2. asos satchel, 3. bobbi, 4. modcloth shoes, 5. baublebar}

Food & Fashion // 04

May 1, 2014

i am apparently feeling patriotic lately. honestly, i didn't even realize it until i hit save. oh well, a little love for my country never hurt!

how beautiful is that skirt? love.

xo eliza

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