Beauty Reviews // Bare Minerals All-Over Face Color

May 12, 2014

i'm baaa-ack! i had a great time but i am ready to be back to business. little trips always are good for resetting my work ethic and getting me back on track. 

in other news, i had to do a review of bare minerals all-over face color. i can't emphasize enough: this product is amazing! it's one of my first bare minerals products but i am so excited to try more. this gives great coverage without looking too heavy. even though my handy dandy foundation is such a life saver when i have some unevenness or a breakout, i do love using lighter makeup for the summer months. (less to worry about!)

this is such an awesome product - plus it is ridiculously long-lasting. i don't need to touch up at all. piece of cake!

xo eliza


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