All That You Do

May 16, 2014

if we really put our 100% into the things we do, imagine how perfect everything would be. i sometimes find myself going through the motions of life. you know how it is - you have a routine and it's really easy to just let your week be one big checklist. i've been trying to experience each moment and put my all into everything i do. honestly, i feel like i've accomplished so much more when i do that.

God certainly put a whole lot of love into us. what if He had just haphazardly thrown us together? "eh - that's okay. i guess the arm doesn't look so bad by the nose..." He lovingly and carefully created each and every one of us. let's try our hardest to put the same devotion and thought into our lives!

what are some ways you can put love into your day-to-day?

xo eliza

(image via society 6)


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