My Top 5 Winter Hairstyles

November 20, 2013

1) I love the braided bun look. This is so perfect for keeping your hair out of your eyes (and reducing the risk of the ever-annoying "coat static"), especially on windy days. 

2) This simple-chic bun is ideal for running errands. But, I would venture to say that it would look at home in the office, too.

3) How pretty and feminine is this? I love it because you could dress it up or down. 

4) Wow. This is a showstopper. Now I just need to develop the necessary motor skills to braid my own hair. And I also have trouble curling my own hair in a mirror. But I digress.

5) As much as I hate to admit it, I really do struggle with switching up my hair routine. Most days I just revert to the ole' standby, Mr. Ponytail. However, I have been being more adventurous as of late. But, again, motor skills are required for this chic low pony. Hopefully the rest of the world has developed more than I have.

Happy Wednesday!

(Braided bun via Chicago Shopping, knotted bun via The Fuller View, braided crown via, fishtail braid crown via My New Hair, low ponytail via Everything Fab)


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