Direct My Steps

November 19, 2013

Sometimes, it's scary to think about the future. The unknown can be a very ominous place. Where do you visualize yourself in ten years? 

I find so much peace in knowing that God has my whole life covered. He has a perfect plan for me. Proverbs 3:6 is one of the verses that I dwell on the most. God will make my paths STRAIGHT. The Lord will not send you down a path with thorns and brambles. He doesn't send you down dead-end streets. He puts before your feet a straight path! 

There is one little proviso to this promise. You must submit to Him. Take this example; let's say I was trying to get to a certain restaurant using a GPS. If the GPS said to turn right, but I turned left, I would not get there. I would probably have to turn around, and I would end up being late for my engagement. It's the same way with life. God puts before you the directions (in His Word) to get to everything you could possibly hope for. You have a choice; do you follow the directions and get to the destination, or do you go your own way and hit a dead end?

Dead ends may not be immediate, unfortunately. Sometimes people realize their mistake at the end of their lives. Other times, people are quick to hop back on the path.

Don't make a wrong turn, friends. Save time and go the right way from the start. 

(Bible verse image via Little Things About God Tumblr)


  1. Just read your Bio. I totally didn't know you liked LOTR. I officially like you more now

  2. Lol! I'm totally obsessed. :)



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