Well Suited

November 21, 2013

Suits have kind of been given a bad rap. It's the '80s, folks. (Power suits?) While they were pretty neat, don't go unearthing your old relics. Please, folks. It's been 30 years. (Time to purge, anyone?)

Welcome to the power suit of 2013. While I am a huge advocate of a dress, there's just something about a monochromatic suit and a killer pair of heels that puts a little "girl power" into all of us. I think my favorite is the red. It's super impactful, and it gives that boost of energy we all need from time to time.

Go get your AquaNet, '80s ladies. (Seriously, though, don't do that.)

(Pink suit via Peony Lim, black suit via Atlantic-Pacific, red suit via Topshop Tumblr)


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