A Feast for the Eyes

June 30, 2014

do you ever see a food that looks really bad, but tastes really good? chicken pot pie is kind of like that. or brownies. there really is no way to get the most "perfect" brownie. oftentimes, the perfectly square ones aren't too yummy, while the gooey, amorphous ones are heavenly.

i do love it when food both looks and tastes beautiful. how gorgeous are those cupcakes? simple, natural, and elegant. love!

xo eliza

(squid ink pasta with stilton via flickr, churros via the sugar hit, lemon ice box pie cupcakes via cupcake project, watermelon salad via noshtopia)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

June 27, 2014

tonight i'm starting my weekend off with a bang at the ballpark - complete with fireworks. it will be so fun!

have a wonderful weekend!

xo eliza

(image via flickr)

Summer Style

June 26, 2014

it's hot. and humid. no fun - but this is the perfect time to whip out the shorts and the flowing maxi dresses. pop your hair into a messy bun and smile - you'll be so much cooler, trust me!
xo eliza

(images, first to last, via kelly golightlytumblrylang 23)

Think on Those Things

June 25, 2014

sometimes it's hard to keep a tight rein on our thoughts. we live in a world that definitely does not promote pure thinking. have you ever watched reality tv? i'm sure you understand my point.

we need to make sure that the things we dwell on line up with God's Word. i won't pretend to always have the mind of Christ. sometimes i think something, and then a few minutes later i do a mental check and realize - (to quote the lovely joyce meyer) i'm doing some "stinkin' thinkin'"! in those moments i try to pull a u-turn, repent, and get on the right train of thought.

you have the power over your mind! trust me, nothing you think is new. it's been around for years. since the Fall, people have been thinking hateful, dirty, and just downright unpleasant thoughts. we, through Jesus, have the authority to get our minds under control until they're clean as a whistle. let's get there, folks. 

xo eliza

(image via instapray)

Five Loves

June 24, 2014

i've been loving tiffany blue lately. it's the perfect mixture of green and blue - and who can resist some shiny diamonds? (not me!)

xo eliza

(images, first to last, via flickrflickrsnapwidgetpaperfashionpinterest)


June 23, 2014

sometimes you just need a corgi pick-me-up, huh?

happy monday!!

xo eliza

(image via flickr)

Wedding Bells // 05

June 20, 2014

today's the last day of wedding posts. i loved doing them, and i hope that you loved reading them!
the dress reminded me of a beautiful bird, and it just seemed right to pair it with a gorgeous feather clip. the hair is so lovely - it's fun and feminine. 

happy weekend!
xo eliza

{1. emma gown via bhldn, 2. shoes via dsw, 3. hair clip via anthropologie, 4. earrings via baublebar, 5. hair via weddbook, 6. nails via duitang, 7. makeup via tumblr, 8. kate spade twirl fragrance via beauty.com, 9. bouquet via style me pretty, 10. bracelet via modcloth}

Wedding Bells // 04

June 19, 2014

this may be my favorite yet. i just love a cathedral veil. what a way to make an entrance. plus, i'm a sucker for rose gold.

xo eliza

{1. gown via bhldn, 2. veil via bhldn, 3. shoes via dsw, 4. hair via tumblr, 5. earrings via bhldn, 6. nails via glitter and nails blog, 7. makeup via pinterest, 8. coco mademoiselle fragrance via sephora, 9. bouquet via pinterest}

Wedding Bells // 03

June 18, 2014

vintage fashion holds a soft spot in my heart. in a way, it led me to discover the blogging community. years ago i discovered modcloth, and fell in love with the beautiful pieces i found there. then, i learned about different fashion bloggers and after that, the rest is history. while i'm not really the vintage junkie i used to be, i still can appreciate a good '50s inspired dress. or, wedding, as evidenced by today's post.

i. love. gloves. that's it, somebody go bring them back in style.

xo eliza

{1. dress via modcloth, 2. shoes via bhldn, 3. fascinator via modcloth, 4. gloves via modcloth, 5. hair and makeup via pinterest, 6. red door fragrance via macy's, 7. earrings via bhldn, 8. bouquet via tulle and chantilly}

Wedding Bells // 02

June 17, 2014

when i think of beach weddings, i think of bohemian dresses, braids, and a salty breeze accompanied by the sound of waves crashing. it's all very romantic until you factor in sand, bugs, and crazy unpredictable weather. it's completely worth it if you pull it off, but you need to have a game plan. (and a makeup artist on hand for touch-ups, always!) 

if you do opt for a seaside wedding, it's a great idea to choose a dress that hits ankle-length or above. (no sand or water worries!) also, pick a pair of comfy sandals that you can easily walk around in. 

i am so in love with the idea of a wedding on the beach. let's just see if i could get a big glass bubble built around me so i don't have anything to worry about. ("you may kiss the - oh.")

xo eliza

{1. clara gown via ruche (currently out of stock!), 2. sandals via bhldn, 3. necklace via anthropologie, 4. hair via plum pretty sugar tumblr, 5. hair via tumblr, 6. nails via tumblr, 7. beach fragrance via bobbi brown

Wedding Bells // 01

June 16, 2014

i love weddings. they represent such a big step in life - two lives coming together with the blessing and support of their family and friends. what could be better than that?

your wedding really is one of the only times where you can feel like a princess (and look like one, too!) today i picked a romantic, soft wedding look with beautiful shapes, colors, and natural makeup. 

how beautiful is that dress? oh my goodness. 

xo eliza

{1. sian gown via bhldn, 2. shoes via j. crew, 3. necklace via baublebar, 4. comb via bhldn, 5. hair via the berry, 6. nails via polyvore (opi second honeymoon), 7. miss dior via macy's, 8. makeup via tumblr

Five Loves

June 13, 2014

even though summer has yet to arrive 'round these here parts, i'm still gushing over bright colors and fun patterns. the yellow - the orange - the purple! in love.

have a great weekend!

xo eliza

(images, first to last, via best friends for frostingyou are my favewho what wearthis is glamoroustumblr)

Happy Kitties

June 12, 2014

my day is 100% brighter, how about yours?

xo eliza

(image via oh joy)

Color Crush // Mint & Coral

June 11, 2014

two colors that i love together for this season are mint and coral. it's everywhere lately, have you noticed? they're super light, airy, and fun - and they look great with light neutrals. (another trend!)

i may be in need of one of those adorable adirondack chairs. so cute!

xo eliza

(images, first to last, via dans les yeux de maytumblrhouse of turquoiseetsy)

Libraries and Bookshelves and Ladders, Oh My!

June 10, 2014

i could live in a library. really i could. just send some snacks every so often and i'm set for life. (this is ridiculously accurate!)

honestly though, aren't books just beautiful? big ole' floor-to-ceiling built-ins are the perfect way to showcase a collection. note: if you have a library that is in any way similar to these ones, i am eternally jealous. 

xo eliza

(images, first to last, via house of turquoiseelle decorshelternessthe design files)

Style Icons // 05

June 9, 2014

wow, what a week. the good news is that it's over and i have a nice quiet week planned. it was literally so crazy that i forgot to post on thursday and friday - i hate it when that happens. sorry!

lauren conrad is just the epitome of effortless style. she exudes california cool. it's almost a sin how much i love the shoes in the first picture. i'll take two. 

xo eliza

(all images via laurenconrad.com)

By Streams of Water

June 4, 2014

i love trees. they're so tall and beautiful, and they provide cool shade for all who rest under them. 

we should be like that. if we walk in step with God, we will become like a strong tree - unshakeable. people will be able to enjoy the fruit of our lives and feel at peace when they're with us. i want to be like that, don't you?

xo eliza

Hair Raisers

June 3, 2014

it is a truth universally acknowledged that when the hot, humid weather starts to kick in, the last thing women want is for their hair to stick to the back of their necks. it's hot and sweaty and generally unpleasant. because of this, i usually throw it up in a bun or high pony. this year, however, i'm going to try to switch up my hair game with a few chic chignons and updos.

that is, if i can develop the motor skills necessary to work behind my head...i kid, i kid! 

xo eliza

(images, first to last, via the wedding chicksrefinery 29hair and makeup by stephthis is glamorous)

June Wishlist

June 2, 2014

good morning!

june is the month for weddings, so i'll be doing a whole week of bridal looks later this month. (i'm a sucker for a good love story, so expect a lot of gushing and fawning...)

happy june!

xo eliza

{1. modcloth sandals, 2. loeffler randall bag, 3. j. crew necklace, 4. baublebar cuff, 5. aldo necklace}
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