Think on Those Things

June 25, 2014

sometimes it's hard to keep a tight rein on our thoughts. we live in a world that definitely does not promote pure thinking. have you ever watched reality tv? i'm sure you understand my point.

we need to make sure that the things we dwell on line up with God's Word. i won't pretend to always have the mind of Christ. sometimes i think something, and then a few minutes later i do a mental check and realize - (to quote the lovely joyce meyer) i'm doing some "stinkin' thinkin'"! in those moments i try to pull a u-turn, repent, and get on the right train of thought.

you have the power over your mind! trust me, nothing you think is new. it's been around for years. since the Fall, people have been thinking hateful, dirty, and just downright unpleasant thoughts. we, through Jesus, have the authority to get our minds under control until they're clean as a whistle. let's get there, folks. 

xo eliza

(image via instapray)


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