Pastels and Neons

March 31, 2014

today is the last day of march! maybe it's just me, but it seems like literally i was just thinking about valentine's day and now it's almost april. this month has just flown by.

i love pastels, and i love neons. they are such a fun way to sneak in a bit of color in your wardrobe. i suppose "sneak" is a bit of an understatement - there's nothing particularly quiet about these colors. that being said, they still are super feminine and classy because of what they are worn with. a statement piece can make or break any outfit.

don't you love the dress on the bottom left? all my life i have wanted a flowing maxi dress. so beautiful.

see you next month! (*rimshot*)

xo eliza

(images, first to last, via stripes and sequinsle blog de bettytumblrtibi)

Style Icon // Marie Antoinette

March 28, 2014

i wanted to find someone atypical to do for this style icon post. marie antoinette isn't generally on a whole bunch of "icon" lists - but i love the feminine opulence of her time. 

pastels, whoa.

xo eliza

(marie antoinette painting via franco files)

{1. modcloth dress, 2. pouf, 3. baublebar earrings, 4. modcloth flats, 5. modcloth bag}

A Little Bit of Happy

March 27, 2014

sometimes i just get caught up in everything. we all have those days - life is stressful. it brings me so much peace to know that God has a plan for my life - a good plan with no problems or glitches. we live in a broken world, so not everything is going to be a field of flowers. but God is with us, every step of the way. 

on another note, how adorable is that donkey? he's got flowers, people, flowers. 

have a wonderful thursday!

xo eliza

(image via plum pretty sugar)

Let's Go

March 26, 2014

sheesh - this month has been living up to its "comes in like a lion" reputation. since the cold seems to be here to stay for a while, i personally wouldn't mind a little getaway to somewhere warmer. (if you happen to have any plane tickets to the bahamas, i know someone who would love them. ahem ahem.) 

i am the queen of pouches when i travel. (who am i kidding - i have about 5 or 6 in my purse at this moment, all holding various necessities!) who wants a bunch of little items rolling around in their suitcase? it's really an easy system once you get it down. thankfully, there are so many adorable pouches on the market that your suitcase gets significantly improved by its little guests. (i can't get over that set of pouches!)

is there any place that's at the top of your "must see" list? i've always wanted to go to capri - it's so beautiful. 

xo eliza

{1. jonathan adler suitcase, 2. coach ipad case, 3. ikonik makeup bag, 4. journelle eye mask, 
5. earbuds, 6. flight 001 pouch set}

Five Interiors I Love

March 25, 2014

i seem to have a thing for black, white and metallic. (if you've read mode for a while you may have caught on.) the black and white striped floor needs to be mine. it's a more modern representation of the classic black and white checkerboard floor. love!

xo eliza

(images, first to last, via domaine homehouse and home, hanna inspoa house in the hills, the design files)

Grapefruit & Mint Sugar Scrub

March 24, 2014

with the weather getting warmer, i'm sure that i'm not the only one longing for sundresses and shorts. nothing like a good sugar scrub to get your legs looking fresh for the season. i just made one yesterday using brown sugar, vanilla, and olive oil - it smells so good and helps exfoliate while still moisturizing your skin. 

this beautiful scrub has me dreaming of summer days. the chemistry of all scrubs is basically the same - a scrubbing agent (in this case, sugar) mixed with a liquid (can be oil or water) and essential oils for softening and fragrance. this would be such a beautiful gift, am i right?

check out the recipe here.

(all images and recipe via the kitchen mccabe)

Food & Fashion // 02

March 21, 2014

i love the mixture of bright yellow and pale pink - super feminine and fresh. can we also talk about those metallic oxfords? i love an updated menswear staple, don't you? paired with a tailored jacket/pant combo in a fun color, it's a lovely outfit for any occasion. (not sure about a pink suit for work - know thy workplace, i guess!)

have a great weekend!

xo eliza


Color Me Inspired

March 20, 2014

happy spring! pretty soon we'll be planting beautiful gardens and enjoying the fresh air. i will admit, this winter has been really nice - full of love, fun, and general busy-ness. i think that we could have done without all the snow though, am i right?

xo eliza

(images, first to last, via designlovefesta subtle revelryla maison bisouxtumblr)

Mini Style // 01

March 19, 2014

aren't babies just the sweetest things on earth? it's impossible to not smile when you look at them - they just have such an innocence about them. (until they decide to draw a masterpiece on the wall...)

i love looking at little baby clothes. they're so perfect and tiny, and they come in so many fun colors. i had a great time picking out these pieces - honestly it was hard to choose my favorites!

{little ladies - 1. mini rodini romper, 2. seed heritage sweater, 3. winter water factory dress (sold out!), 4. stella mcartney kids sweatshirt, 5. little marc jacobs cardigan, 6. mini boden dress}

Steadfast Love

March 18, 2014

i hope you are all having a lovely start to your week.

today i wanted to talk a bit about how much God loves you. you were created for a very special purpose. sometimes the world can make us feel really powerless, like we aren't important. it's all too easy to get into the "comparison game". when we see people who we perceive as better than us, we instantly start trying to see how we measure up against them. it's a slippery, slippery slope, friends. you won't end up feeling any better, promise.

you are loved so much by the Lord. He treasures you. you are not useless, or unnecessary. i am so thankful for each and every one of you - you really are the reason i keep on blogging. every day i pray for you, that you will accept the love that God keeps offering to you. 

don't ever let the world lie to you and tell you that you are "lonely", or "friendless" or "depressed" - there is a loving father just waiting to wrap His arms around you. He will never, ever let you down.

xo eliza

(hearts image source)

St. Patrick's Day

March 17, 2014

i tried to capture the spirit of st. patrick's day rather than the exact representation. it was fun to put together rainbows, green, and gold. (basically all of my favorite things rolled into one day.) 

happy monday!

xo eliza

(images, from first to last, via lauren conradit's me stylethe house that lars builtwalker arts blogflickrzarabeauty highmatchbook mag tumblr)

Beauty Reviews // Almay Eyeliner

March 14, 2014

i really love these beauty reviews - hope you do, too!

eyeliner is one of my favorite beauty products. it really defines the eye and makes you look more awake. my favorite eyeliner on the planet is almay intense i-color eyeliner. it has specially formulated colors that are suited to your eye color. i have green eyes, so i use the raisin quartz, and let me tell you - it is the prettiest, most subtle color in the world. plus, it's really inexpensive.

applying eyeliner is not all that hard, (especially since this is kohl liner - super hard to mess up!) all you need to do is practice. generally i'll rim my eyes all the way around and then smudge it out. it makes it really smoky and soft. you could literally do anything with this liner, though. rim your waterlines alone for a natural, no-makeup eyelash boost. put it on the top only for a weekend, casual look. there are tons of ways you could make this your own.

have a great weekend!

xo eliza

Spring Forward

March 13, 2014

with springtime so quickly approaching some of you may want to give your space a little spruce-up. i have this habit of spring cleaning early in march so that by the time springtime really has sprung i'm not wondering where i put my fitted sheets. (plus, it's a great way to say goodbye to winter until next year.) 

all of these lovely rooms have little details that you could easily incorporate into your own home. you don't have to spend a huge chunk of change to revamp your house for the new season - it could be as simple as just getting some fresh flowers, painting an old chair a fun color, or switching around some accessories. it's really up to you what you change. i personally am in love with those barstools. they're a subtle and modern punch of color that can help usher in spring. love!

xo eliza

(images, first to last, via the glitter guide tumblrashley ella designthe design filesnew zealand designdesign*sponge)

Five Loves

March 12, 2014

i'm still waiting for the "goes out like a lamb" portion of march. it is nice smelling spring in the air. 

my thoughts and prayers are with the family members of those on flight 370 - and for all those on board. 

xo eliza 

(images, first to last, via studio diytumblrthe house that lars builtpaper and stitchanne sage)

Food & Fashion // 01

March 11, 2014

i was trying to think of a new column i could make and the idea came - what about pairing beautiful food with beautiful clothes? (if only i could eat the beautiful food and still fit in the beautiful clothes!)

nothing works better together than food and fashion, hm?

Art for Spring

March 10, 2014

so many pretty colors! i'll take them all, thank you very much.

happy monday!

xo eliza

(art via emily winfield martinizutsu hiroyukimichelle armassamantha frenchjudith geher)

God-Sized Dreams

March 7, 2014

you're typically encouraged to follow your dreams, your heart, or your instincts. there are thousands of inspirational quotes that nudge you to reach for the stars. 

the very last thing that God wants to do is crush that desire to achieve. in fact, it was He who created it in the first place! however, we have to learn to understand the difference between God-given dreams and the ones that are planted by a different sower. the only dreams and ambitions worth following are the ones given by God. because, every time, they will lead you down good paths!

let's work on our hearts today. it's easy to let the world shape our hearts, but how about giving them to God? i promise, it will be the best decision you'll ever make.

have a great weekend!

xo eliza

(image via so shay)

Style Icon // Zsa Zsa Gabor

March 6, 2014

zsa zsa gabor in three words: pink pink pink. she was the unofficial queen of glamour. who can rock a boa and gloves better than zsa zsa? (i rest my case.)

red and pink can definitely work together. honestly, pretty much anything can work together if you rock it with confidence. there are no rules in the fashion world. (although if there were, i'm fairly sure that this would break a few of them.)

xo eliza

(zsa zsa gabor in moulin rouge via abc news)

{ pop flower, modcloth shoes, topshop dress, j. crew earrings}

Five Loves

March 5, 2014

can someone please transport me to turks and caicos? please? or the bahamas would also be nice. really anywhere warm.

i love that dress by (who else?) oscar de la renta. it's really unique and quirky but still high fashion. plus, again, i am a sucker for polka dots.

xo eliza

(images, first to last, via tumblrrefinery 29hackney and me prettyvogue)

Salted Chocolate Tart with Kettle Chip Crust

March 4, 2014

chips and chocolate together. i repeat - chips and chocolate together. it also doesn't hurt that it is one of the prettiest desserts i've seen yet. i might be in love. 

check out the recipe here.

(images via what's gaby cooking?)

March Wishlist

March 3, 2014

my goodness, it's march already. i'm very ready to stop seeing snow outside my window - let's get some grass please! all you northeastern dwellers can probably relate. 

neon pink can either go really good or really bad. it's one of the hardest colors to get right, other than maybe mustard. (seriously, it seems like mustard flatters no one!) i am now in love with that dress. i'm usually a sucker for a polka dot, and i've proven my record to be correct. 

xo eliza

{1. net-a-porter top, 2. poms in neon pinkhot pink, and light pink, 3. j. crew pumps, 4. modcloth dress, 5. rebecca minkoff purse}
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