Thanks for the Memories

July 11, 2014

i've been writing and rewriting this post for the past couple of days, but i think that today is probably the best day to publish it.

i've been blogging (counting my first blog) for almost 4 years now. i can honestly tell you that i've loved every minute of it.

lately i've been feeling like God is leading my life in another direction - away from blogging. you could say that i've grown out of it. i'm still changing as a person and i'm trying to figure everything out, and blogging has gone from my passion to a hobby.

i greatly enjoyed sharing my inspiration here. this little blog gave me the outlet i needed to share about my faith and my love for design. i was able to connect with so many awesome, wonderful people who shared a love for the same things i do.

i can't promise that i won't be back - you won't get rid of me that easily! for right now, though, i feel like i need to focus on my life without any distractions.

i still have my pinterest up where you can follow me if you'd like.

thanks for everything, guys. God bless!!

xoxo, eliza


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