The Best is Yet to Come

April 16, 2014

we live on a beautiful planet, am i right? the special things that God created for our pleasure are to be celebrated and appreciated. sadly, we also live in a very corrupted world. it's all too easy to become swept up in the current of this society; to believe that this is it. we as Christians should be foreigners in the world. this is not our home - we are only visiting. 

please don't get the impression that we should be taking a leisurely vacation. this is a business trip! there is much work to be done for the kingdom - there are millions of souls that need to be saved. 

the best is yet to come. we're headed home after a long time away. it's a nice trip here, but i'm willing to bet that Heaven is so much better. 

xo eliza

(image via papery rain)


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