Habits and Intent

April 8, 2014

sometimes you get to a point where you kind of run on auto pilot. i'm sure a lot of you can relate. for instance, every morning for a long time now i have gotten up, brushed my teeth, made my bed, and then read my Bible before i start the day. that's my routine. it is all too easy for me to read through my daily chapter, check it off, and then get on to the "important stuff". i try so hard to not view that portion of my day in that light. 

my time with God should be the most important thing i do all day. i know that if i miss out on that, then i have to compensate for the rest of the day. even if it's only 10 minutes, that time spent with my Father makes me so much more ready to face all the stuff that the day holds. it's like i get refilled, ready to pour out into other people.

let's not treat spending time on God as a habit, or a "to do". it's great to plan a time each day to really just lay everything else down and enjoy being with Him, but i want to not view that as something that has to get done, or that i must do. i should be with Him because i want to be. it's so wonderful to know that God is always ready to just talk to me - He is always available, you could say. 

today i want to make God the first priority. i think it is safe to say that everything else will run so much more smoothly.

xo eliza

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