Because He Cares For You

April 29, 2014

the subject of my Lord is near and dear to my heart. honestly, i could go on for hours. (i try to restrain myself to two or three paragraphs so that i do not bore you!) 

it is so amazing to me that God cares for us. for all our faults and difficulties, He wishes to be with us! a day never passes by that i am so thankful that He saved me - that He loves me. 

you can tell Him anything, i hope you know that. it's always nice to come to a dear friend or trusted mentor and tell them something that is troubling you - we serve a God who wants to hear us all the time, all day every day. He will never get tired of hearing from you, about every little thing or things too grave to tell anyone else.

i do hope that you know that you have a confidante in the Lord. He will always be there for you!

xo eliza

(image via ida pearl tumblr)


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