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April 4, 2014

foundation and i never really used to get along. i have this horrible fear of looking cakey and unnatural, so i would always avoid any liquid makeup like the plague. that was until i heard about loreal true match foundation. it seemed super light and breathable, which was just what i wanted. so i picked up a bottle. my life has never been the same. (i kid, i kid!)

seriously though, this stuff is amazing. it is so smooth and blendable, and it looks really natural but still flawless. (i need a little "flawless" lately, can i get an amen?) while it isn't the least expensive foundation on the market, it really is worth it when you think about other foundations with similar results that retail from upwards of $30. anyway, a little dab with do ya!

i use a little beauty sponge i picked up from target. there are professional ones (at sephora) but i just wanted to test the sponge waters with something inexpensive. it works for me, but i may upgrade in the future. anywho, all i do is run it under some water for a bit and squeeze it a few times. this helps your makeup go on smoother and more evenly. 

long story short (i suppose it's too late for that!), this product really is great. not sure yet how it will handle the heat, but i may do an update once things start getting warmer. who knows.

oh, and about stippling for those who don't know - it's basically like little patting motions, all over your face. it makes the makeup look more natural and even all over your face. make sure you don't load up your brush/blender, kind of tap it off a bit. also, let your face dry completely before putting on powder, it keeps it looking fresh instead of cakey.

i think i've covered everything...if you have any more questions you can share them in the comments!

enjoy your weekend!

xo eliza


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