Beauty Reviews // Calvin Klein CK One Mascara

April 24, 2014

it was recently my birthday. (i accept visa, mastercard, and cash...) because of this i was gifted free ck one mascara by ulta. really everyone who had a birthday in april was, but it sounds way more pretentious to say that ulta gave it to me personally. anywho - i thought i would do a review on it.

for starters, the bottle is really, really cool. i didn't even notice that the top controls the wand. when you turn the top the wand goes from a normal, long wand to a shorter and twisted wand. this is the 21st century at its greatest, ladies and gentlemen. 

in the length and separation department this guy is a champ. i'm honestly not all that thrilled with the thickness this gives, but it is easily remedied by layering. right now i put covergirl flamed out mascara over top and it looks perfect. (i wouldn't be that pleased had i paid for this, but it's free so i really don't mind all that much)  

to each their own, though. if you love the more natural look, then this should be fine on its own. personally i like my lashes to be a bit more thick and dark so i layer, layer, layer. 

overall, i like this product. as prestige mascaras go, this one is definitely not my favorite. (i love benefit badgal lash mascara!) but it is a nice product, and it was free. (did i mention it was free?)

xo eliza


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