5 Beauty Woes (and How to Fix Them!)

November 11, 2013

Let's be honest here. As much as we all hate to admit it, there are things that bug us about beauty. (Unless, of course, I'm the only one in the whole world who hates split ends.) The good news? There are some easy ways to fix them. Here are five of the worst beauty pests in the business, plus some ways to help give them the boot.

1) Blackheads. They have plagued women since the beginning of time, and there is really no tried-and-true way to banish them for good. But one thing you can't do is just go to town and pop 'em. Seriously. Don't do that. It can cause scarring. DO, however, carefully exfoliate the area (this is a great how-to), and DO try a clay mask. No more than once a week though, since too much of this can cause your face to over-produce oil. (Gross!) If all else fails, (and only as a last resort) place a warm washcloth on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and gently press around the blackhead to extract. If it doesn't come out in three tries, don't force it.

2) All too often, our hair has some breakage issues. Whether it's because of fragile hair or frequent ponytails, breaking strands are really a pain. To help this problem, loosen up your ponytail and be gentler with your hair, especially when it's wet. Even switching to a soft tee shirt when drying your hair can help a lot. 

3) Running eyeliner is really a bummer. You spend all that time in front of the mirror only to have your neat, defined black line end up on your eyebrow. To help your liner stay in line, you can use some eyelid primer (I love Benefit's). You can also help by placing a little powder along the bottom of the line.

4) Clumpy mascara never, ever looks good. Absolutely never. So, to avoid this unpleasant sensation, you can wipe the excess mascara on your brush off. Just drag it along the lip of the bottle. If this still doesn't give you the desired effect, you can comb through your lashes. (Do this when they're still wet.)

5) Foundation jawlines are never good looking, but there is a simple trick to keep you looking flawless. (Or should I say, jaw-less?) When buying foundation, match it to the skin on your neck, not on your cheek or hand. This ensures that you have a perfect match. Also, when applying, make sure you blend it all the way to the neckline. 

Beauty woes begone!

(Title image via Refinery 29, blackheads image via Refinery 29, hair image via Hair and Makeup by Steph, eyeliner image via Tumblr, mascara image via Pinterest, jawline image via Design Inspiration)


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