Tame Your Bangs - A Growing Out 101

October 30, 2013

At one point or another, I think everybody has had some form of a bang. A couple of months ago I went in for a blunt-cut fringe. (This photo was my inspiration.) My hair grows like a weed, so now my bangs are just too long. After doing a little digging, I found that there are other styles I could try other than just "moan about how much you wish you had longer bangs and throw a headband on top of them". (Patent pending.)

1) Pin 'em back. This is one of the easiest choices. Just part your hair on a different side and pin back. You could use a bobby pin or hairclip, I love this bobby pin and this barrette.

{ orange lip }

2) Doing a swept bang is much easier than it looks. Just split your bangs when wet, and then blowdry. Make sure you split a little bit more on one side for the "swept" look, but not too much to avoid looking like you have a bad toupee. (Never attractive.)

fresh face + tiny topknot

3) If all else fails, stick some gel into your hair and put it up in a topknot. Or, you could also slick it into a chic ponytail, like this one.

The most important thing is to back away from the scissors, no matter how the length annoys you. We've all been there, but if you tough it out you can get a pretty nice head of hair. (I'm waiting ever so patiently.) 

(First bangs photo via The Nasty Gal Tumblr, hair pin photo via Brown Dress with White Dots, swept bang photo via 0rganic, topknot photo via Pinterest)


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