October 4, 2013

smile :)

Do you ever forget to smile? I know I do. I can be walking around thinking of one hundred and fifty different things, and I just don't smile. I'm literally so wrapped up in all the stuff in my own head that I miss a chance to brighten someone's day. 

Generally, if you smile at someone you will get a smile back. Sure, sometimes you don't, but would you not take that chance? A friendly smile can really be a very kind gesture. In a world that is getting darker and darker, just even a simple little smile as you pass by a stranger can be like cold water on a hot day. If you think about it, very few people smile just because anymore. 

I consider it my way of sharing the love of Jesus with others. What do you think Jesus would do if He walked through a store? I seriously doubt that He would have His iPhone four inches from His face. Let's make a conscious choice to use the basic function of smiling, a God-given gift, for others. It really makes a difference in your day.


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