Pink Lace + a Cat Sweatshirt

September 5, 2013

recreate this outfit w/ my cat sweatshirt
Cat Sweater

1. Harvey Nichols pencil skirt | 2. H & M sweatshirt | 3. Marc Jacobs button down | 4. BCBG clutch | 5. REISS shoes | 6. Forever 21 ring | 7. Charlotte Russe bracelet set

I love cats. Whether or not I would actually adorn my body in a sweatshirt with a cat on it is no contest. Of course. (Just don't wear like a cat purse or something with it or you run the risk of looking like a crazy cat lady.) I took a little bit of inspiration from the outfit above and restyled it in my own way.

Will you be wearing a kitty or two?

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  1. I admit to being a sucker for cat fashion. I actually have a peach colored dress with black kitties on it. And somewhere I have a hat/scarf with cat ears. I love that one photo of the blue cat top with the pink lace skirt. Too cute.


  2. Aren't we all? :)


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