He First Loved Us

September 25, 2013


Love is such a powerful word, that is quickly losing its meaning through overuse. People can "love" everything from an actor to their baby to Swiss cheese. But I'd bet if you asked them if they were willing to spend the rest of their life with that Swiss cheese, you'd get some funny looks.

That's how weird it is to say you love something that you couldn't give up everything for. (Technically, you could give up everything for Swiss cheese, but you may end up on Dr. Phil's couch so consider yourself warned.) 

The only REAL definition of love is found in the Bible. It's not in Song of Solomon, or Ruth, or Esther, it's in Matthew 27. This is the passage that most in-detail describes the pain and the torture Jesus went through to save us. Can you even imagine how indescribable His suffering was? He did it all for us. Forget Romeo and Juliet, friends, Jesus is the only True Lover. 

You can love because it was given to you. Think of it this way. If I had no money in the world, and someone asked for money, could I give them any? Nope. I can't do anything about that, I'm broke! But if someone were to give me $50, then I could easily bless that person. You need to be filled up before you can pour out. 

Go out and love people today.


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