Budget Fashion: In the Stores

September 13, 2013

It's easy to hunt for bargains online, but what about in a store? While there are obviously places to shop where you can get things at a cheap price, there are also places where you can get nice things at a cheap price.

TJ Maxx and Marshall's are my two favorite places to hunt for designer pieces at a discount price. I just recently bought a beautiful Betsey Johnson bag at TJ Maxx that retails for upwards of $50 for $24. Yes, I did the touchdown dance in the middle of the aisle. No, I wasn't ashamed. I love these stores because of the fact that the inventory always changes. 

Bargaining. (You just got a bit nervous, didn't you?) Depending on the setting, bargaining can actually be a great way to get a better price on something. Now, please. Let me specify. I don't mean for you to go into Bergdof Goodman and start accosting the sales staff for a better price on those Ray Bans. (It has been done before, but it's an art that takes many years to hone.) But you can talk down a price if the piece is damaged. Obviously, don't bother if it's so damaged that it's not worth the trouble, but a small fixable rip is a great excuse for a 10% discount. (This is a great article with some tips if you're interested.)

So, as the sun sets on our week of bargain hunting, I wish you all good fashion, savvy shopping, and the courage to haggle. (Trust me, it's so worth it!)


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