Don't Take it For Granted

August 7, 2013


It's really super easy to take things for granted. We in America with our cars, iPhones, and air-conditioned houses, if you think about we are abundantly blessed. The things that are so normal and run-of-the-mill to you could be someone else's wildest dream. 

You remember that Little House on the Prairie episode where they had their first Christmas on Plum Creek? (Or something like that. Not like I have all of the seasons or anything.) The family was oh so overjoyed to simply receive pennies, yams, and mittens, whereas now people are getting mountains of presents and are still unhappy. 

Be sure to appreciate each and every blessing in your life. You never know, someone else could be wishing for that right this moment. Or, better yet, give any blessings you take for granted to someone who won't. Those designer jeans that never looked quite right? I bet your best friend would do backflips for those. That set of dishes you got for a wedding gift but never use? Maybe your sister-in-law has been looking for one just like it. Look for opportunities to share your blessings. You will appreciate them much more. 

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